Step Up as a Strategic Business Partner

With the right tools, perspective and support​

Unlock Your Leadership Potential

Technical professionals make exceptional senior leaders. But you must first broaden your perspective… and understand the business and the ‘people’ side of your new role.

Are You Ready To...

Elevate Team Performance

Expand Your Influence

Get the Recognition You Deserve

We Help Technical Leaders Transform Into

Broad-Minded Business Leaders

The truth is, as soon as you understand the impact you have
on your people…

You can finally step up as the leader you aspire to be.

Our mission is to help you achieve that ‘lightbulb’ moment.

Because sometimes all you need is someone in your corner to help you adopt a fresh perspective on your role. We equip you with the insights to get clear on your strengths, blind spots and goals…

And the practical tools to apply small tweaks that make a big difference in the way you lead your people…and how they respond to you.

The result? Not only will you achieve your full leadership potential...​

You’ll also inspire your team and drive bottom-line results.

Lead Beyond The Numbers

Most technical leaders look through the data and analytics lens. To achieve your full leadership potential, you must broaden your perspective.

We'll help you see your organization through three key lenses:

2 Ways to

Jump-start Your Leadership Transformation

Meet LeadBeyond Coaching Founder

Sheila Rioux, Ph.D.

I get it.

Like you, I’m highly analytical… and I really struggled when I stepped into my first leadership role.

Over the years, I learned you must first connect with others on an emotional level and sharpen your business skills… before you can go into ‘problem-solving mode’.

Once you learn to adjust your message depending on your audience…

And communicate with the mind and heart…

You’ll capture the attention of different groups within your organization, and inspire peak performance as a result.

At LeadBeyond Coaching, our mission is to help you dig deeper and explore new ways to effectively engage your people…

So you can take your leadership approach (and your organization!) to new heights.

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Impact and Inspire Your People

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When it comes to successful leadership, data and numbers are just the beginning. Get the tools and perspective you need to bring the ‘human’ into your leadership approach.

Bringing the Human out of the Nerd
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